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Panoramic View of a Landscape with Houses, Trees and Other Buildings

Sign Up:

Signing up for the Newark Delaware Sustainability Initiative will count you as one of our members and signify that you are committed to sustainability in the City of Newark. We will never require our members to donate any money, and we currently are not accepting any donations.

Sustainability is the ability of the current generation to meet its needs without compromising the needs of future generations.


I am committed to Sustainability in the City of Newark, Delaware.

Signing up does not mean that you agree 100% with all our initiatives; you will have the opportunity to show your support for these individually. We welcome diversity of viewpoints, including people who may not agree with everything that we do. If you would like to propose a different approach to achieving sustainability, please sign up and contact us about it.

Do you live in the city of Newark? Yes No
Do you work in the city of Newark? Yes No
Do you attend school in the city of Newark? Yes No

If you do not live, work, or attend school in Newark, you can still sign up; but it helps us most to have people with a connection to this community.

Your email will only be visible to initiative volunteers and will not be shared with any other organizations.
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