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Panoramic View of a Landscape with Houses, Trees and Other Buildings

Bicycle-Friendly Newark:

Last updated: Sep. 27, 2010

Newark Shopping Center
Most areas of the Newark Shopping Center have no bike
racks, nor any easy place to securely lock bicycles.

Bicycling in Newark, Delaware:

The city of Newark currently has a number of bicycle-friendly features. Several of the major streets in town, including Delaware ave., College ave., and Academy St., have bicycle lanes along most of their length. The flat topography and moderate climate make this an excellent place for biking. Also, the James F. Hall trail is a fun and useful dedicated bike and pedestrian path that travels about 1 and 3/4 miles just north of the passenger rail tracks that go through Newark. There are also two bike shops in downtown Newark: Bike Line and Wooden Wheels.

On the other hand, there are a number of aspects of Newark that are not friendly to bicycles. There is no major westbound thoroughfare that is bicycle-friendly--westbound bicycles are forced to travel with traffic on Main St., E. Park ave, Cleveland, or go through the middle of the University of Delaware's campus; none of these options have dedicated bicycle lanes. In addition, there are major commercial areas in Newark that do not have any bicycle racks.

Add Bicycle Racks for All Newark Businesses:

This initiative proposes to add bicycle racks for all businesses in the city of Newark. These racks could be added voluntarily, or they could be encouraged or required through zoning or incentives on behalf of the city.

Long-term Goals:

This initiative also proposes to being improving the safety of bike thoroughfares in Newark. Some ideas for improvement include: